Your lifestyle with natural beauty

This room color is based on white color so you can deck out whatever you want. It is up to you and please enjoy to decorate your room.


Rooms with stylish and urban atmosphere

We created a room where an image in a sophisticated living space is embodied. Also, the design of room is suitable for urban life.


Single lever with water faucet

Using single lever faucet which can adjust the on/off of water/hot water moving up and down, left and right therefore, no stress during using furthermore, to clean easily.

Two-burners on gas stove

This Two-burners on gas stove is convenient for cooking with high heat power to produce the fried food tasty.

Anti-quake latch

There is a lock system which stops the contents dropping from hanging cupboard when earthquake hits.

Kitchen panel

As it does not easily absorb the oil and water, it is simple to keep it clean.

Exhaust stylish fan with illumination

It can let smoke and oil and so on ventilate during cooking. You can make a cook easily as it has a function to light.


Thermostat with water faucet

It has function to regulate as temperature as you like. That is single lever which is easy to adjust the amount of water.

Ceiling mounted dehumidifier

Ceiling mounted dehumidifier which can be used as the dryer to dry the laundry during the rainy day.

Control panel of hot-water supply system

It can adjust temperature which you set to and makes relaxed bath time.

Slide shower bar

Slide shower bar, which can flexibly adjust heigh and angle.

Bathroom with few steps

To prevent tripping, the floor level difference at the entrance of the bathroom is suppressed to 65 mm


Single lever with water faucet

Using single lever faucet which can adjust the on/off of water/hot water moving up and down, left and right therefore, no stress during using furthermore, to clean easily.

Storage space under bathroom sink

It is convenient storage space for necessaries such as laundry detergents.

Two-mirror with storage space

There is a storage space at the back of useful mirror to store makeup, toiletries and so on

Bathroom sink

Bathroom sink with mirror which is easy to keep it clean. Also, surface of bathroom sink is scratch-resistant.


Toilet paper holder

It is stylish hygienic things which made of chromium and hairline finish.

Control panel of electric toilet

Control panel of electric toilet unit on the wall which can be used easily for everyone who don’t even use it.

Hanging cupboard

There is hanging cupboard which can store for toiletries, toilet paper and so on.

Electric toilet seat

The electric toilet seat (We call it washlet in Japan(*)) which is the equipment of automatically wash your back by electricity is installed every units. (*) the washlet have the function which can make the toilet seat warm during winter.


Entrance lighting with human sensor

The light is on when someone approaches to the front door. It is safety and convenience for inhabitants.

Wide light switch

Wide light switches which you can turn on and off easily are installed in the house as the main lighting switches.


It is color-TV monitor. There is function that clearly recognize the visitor and picture. Furthermore, it is hands free type for easy operation.

Non-wax wood flooring

Because it is simple design, it is easy to clean up the room. You can enjoy the life.

Shoe shelves

It is neatly to keep your shoes.
Note: B type is only available it.

Shoe cabinet

There is a shoe cabinet at entrance so you can put your shoes away to it and keep it neat.
Note: A, A’ and C type are only available it.

Picture rail

It is possible to decollate the pictures and painting without making a hole on the wall. It is good equipment that you can make the interior personally.

Lighting rail

There is the lighting rail that can adjust the light position and it is used for the spotlight and as well as the indirect light.

Air conditioner

There is air conditioner in each house to make four seasons comfortable.


Parking space for bikes, motorcycles and car

There are spaces for bikes, motorcycles and cars. “capacity of 28 for bikers”,“capacity of motorcycles for 2 and “capacity of 1 for car”

Delivery box

In view of security, all the delivery boxes are controlled by computer. It is easily to store and take out.

Fire extinguisher on each floor of the building

There is fire extinguisher which is effective to first-aid firefighting.

Intelligent gas meters

Gas meters will stop when you use for so long period and when you forget the gas off. It turns off the gas automatically when the large quantities of gases released and also when the earthquake hits.


The elevator has enough space to lift 6 persons. It is not congested during on the time of commute.


Available various multimedia after moving

You are available to use internet anytime

It is multi-dwelling unit system which can use for long time.
Note: Provider contract fee and communication fee are including to administrative expenses. “Theoretical value of maximum1Gbps”

Broadcasting-Satellite,110°Communication-Satellite, Regular Broadcasting

You can enjoy watching various television program show with high image quality.
Note: It will be separately cost a tuner and contract fee.

Multimedia electric outlets

This multimedia outlets are the latest model, including Wi-Fi, Wired LAN Port, Telephone port, and electric power supply.


Warranty against defects insurance and JIO

What is important to purchase building is that in case defect occurs at a main part for structural strength and the part where rainwater infiltration is prevented, a fixed rate of a repair cost will be paid to vendors from JIO. If defect occurs, furthermore, the vendors go into bankruptcy, the vendor can directly make an insurance claim to JIO.

We acquired the certificate of Housing Performance which was evaluated by third party

Based on the law regarding to the labeling standards “including the structure of building’s stability etc.” Housing performance evaluation institutions of Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport registration objectively rated Housing performance. They have carried out the detailed examination during the construction stage.