The security system to protect your life

Automatic security lock system with a monitor

Through a monitor, you can the guest who wants to visit your room and you can allow such as the guest and to enter by opening the lock off the entrance door. it makes your feeling easy and your feeling safety. There is the superior system to protect you from various urban criminals.

1Gust who calls to inhabitants

2To unlock automatic security lock after through a monitor

3To be able to see gust though a monitor, to check again by voice at the front door

Security camera system

To watch over residents, we install high precision security cameras in many places. They run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
“Airlock entrance, Entrance Hall, Mail box, Elevator, Entrance of parking space for bikes, Parking space for bikes, and Garbage”

Remote monitoring system for 24 hours

This system monitors the security devices in the building for 24 hours. The guard immediately go into action when the alarm is on.

24 hours emergency support is available

Even if you pay attention, it is avoidable that the problems happen such as lost key, broken window, and broken plumbing products. In that case, the rescue stuffs going to your place around the clock. It is a great reassurance to the people even who are living alone.
Note: Note: Above service is only available for the residents who rent the rooms from Meiwa Jyuhan Ryutu Center Co. ,Ltd. (Be subject to fees)

彩衣 -sai-

Just by holding sai-key over the Device to Unlock


Entrance Hall

Delivery locker

If you just hold sai-key over the device. You can unlock entrance hall, delivery locker and so on.


Safety dimple key

Dimple key has complicated system to protect from crimes. It makes your feeling easy and safe.

Thumb turn lock for security

We install a thumb turn lock for high security. It avoids stranger to open the door from outside by force.

Anti-crime peep-hole

Anti-crime peep-hole with shutters equipped rotating ring which is difficulty to take out from outside. Therefore, it is a safety item.

Sickle shaped dead bolt door lock to improve safety

We adopt the lock system as the part of the plug is the sickle shape to tighten the lock which can prevent opening by bar and by force.

Security sensors

Balcony windows are equipped with security sensors which can prevent to break into house.
Note: The first floor and second floor are only available.

Another key with balcony window

There are two different type of locks “a main lock and auxiliary lock”. It can protect someone’s invasion from outside.
Note: Sliding windows are only available that equipment.