The Sophisticated Building with the City

The design of building that blends in the Saginomiya area.
That design of the exterior that is based on black and white which gives an impression of luxury to you.













Please note the following items before viewing the drawings

■ All units described in this drawing are shown in millimeters.
■ Please note that the sash may be wire-reinforced glass, wire-reinforced glass or molded glass according to the Building Standards Law.
■ 柱型、梁型、下り天井等の形状については、階により異なる場合がありますので、予めご了承ください。
■ Since the exclusive area is calculated by the wall core calculation by the Building Standard Law, the area of ​​MB (meter box) and PS (pipe space) is included.
  In addition, MB (meter box) and PS (pipe space) are not included in the registered area calculated by internal law calculation.
■ All areas are calculated by wall core calculation, and each area after the third decimal place is rounded down.
■ Regarding the display of the number of tatami mats in the living room, 1 tatami mat = 1.62 m2 is converted, and the numbers after the second decimal place are rounded down.
■ Please note that the design, specifications, exterior, etc. may change due to construction reasons.
■ For each type, the shape of the columns and beams may differ slightly depending on the floor.
■ The scales and orientations shown may differ slightly during the tracing and printing process, so please check the design documents for details.
■ タイプによっては住戸内の窓に手摺が付く場合があります。(外壁に面する腰窓には手摺が設置される場合があります)
■ タイプや階数により断熱材等の位置が異なる場合があります。
■ The equipment code may differ slightly from the actual mounting position.
■ 窓の形状・厚さが異なる場合があります。
■ Please note that if the current situation is different from the drawing, the current situation will be prioritized.
■ Those who purchase and install home appliances, furniture, etc., please consider after actual measurement before moving in.